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The Royal Family of Uromi

Our Response To The COVID-19 Pandemic:

In Response to The COVID-19 Pandemic, Imieramhen-USA Members Donated and Distributed $8,000 Worth of Food to Households in Uromi, Edo State, Nigeria.

SARS-Cov-2 or COVID-19

Nigeria confirmed her first SARS-Cov-2 or COVID-19 infected case in Lagos State on 27 February 2020 and from that time, Nigeria’s government has undertaken several measures including a stay-at-home order. This stay-at-home order affected households daily purchasing power which in effect subjected many to food, job and home deprivations.

Adopt A School Project (Our Current Project)

Agba Grammar School Requires Intervention Without Which There Will be Continued Unsafe and Deplorable Learning Conditions Capable of Leaving Entire Generations Ill-equipped, Uneducated and Unprepared. Consistent With Our Stated Objectives as a Non-profit Organization, Imieramhen-USA Has Identified Agba Grammar School, and Ebhoiyi Grammar School, Uromi, Edo State, Nigeria, For Rehabilitation. Presently, These Schools

  • Lacks Security (No Secured Fence)
  • Classrooms Without Roof
  • Classrooms With Collapsed Walls
  • Classrooms Without Chairs And Tables
  • Classrooms Without Science Laboratories
  • Classrooms Without Toilet Facilities
  • Classrooms Without Water

Please Join Imieramhen-USA In Rebuilding Agba Grammar School. Imieramhen-USA is an IRS certified 501(c)3 non-profit
organization. Donations Are Tax Deductible.

This platform is designed for you. YES YOU! To help increase Imieramhen interaction, and serves as a means to research family heritage, share and preserve family heritage, build unity to foster inter-generational relationships. Create family memories and encourage fun filled family bonding activities for the whole Imieramhen. Share family history information, enable family communication and establish family traditions. Distance is no longer a barrier so join now and create your  profile, send private messages, share pictures/videos, make connections, create and interact in groups however you like it.

Join us today and connect with Imieramhen around the world








It is not uncommon for family members to lose touch with one another, especially if they are not immediately related. Imieramhen family reunion can help you reconnect with long-lost cousins, aunts, uncles or anyone whom you have not kept in touch with over the years. It may be possible to find out about family members you did not know you even had, such as distant cousins or younger family members. Bonds are often re-strengthened during our meetings and fun filled reunions, reminding you to take a step back out of your busy schedule and remember what is important in life.


We are Committed

To contribute actively towards the socio-cultural, economic, educational, technological, and political development of Uromi, Nigeria.

To promote mutual understanding among the members of the Organization and work together for the purpose of developing self as a group and for the advancement of Uromi.

To promote and project a positive image of Uromi and her cultural values.

To gather and disseminate information which is pertinent to Uromi and/or beneficial to her people.

To explore, establish, and implement programs for the improvement of the educational and social needs of Uromi.

To preserve and promote the rich culture and history of Uromi and impact same on our children

Encourage interaction among our children

To create a sense of cooperation, unity and sound ground for planning and action


Get Involved

Join Imieramhen from all walks around the world, all dedicated to building better relationships and preserving our rich cultural heritage. Getting involved with us is easy—and very rewarding, knowing that you’re doing your part in building better, and sustainable relationships is most satisfying. You will be joining other volunteers/sponsors  who feel the same way.

So, how would you like to help?

Make Friends

There comes a time when you may have a lot of friends in your life, which is certainly a blessing. You might not feel the need to actively make new friends, but before you decide that the current friendships you have are enough, join this platform and make new friends with Imieramhen around the world.

Good friends are valuable!

Share Ideas

We are globally interconnected with almost every faucet of technology, but we have yet to connect on a level of understanding and articulating a better world.  Share your ideas for the betterment of the Imieramhen family reunion and lets think outside the box. Everything begins with an idea!

“A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on. Ideas have endurance without death.”– John F. Kennedy

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